Here you can find the dates and topics of past and upcoming talks of the internal economic theory lunch seminar. It will take place in V10-122 approximately every other week at 12.15pm.

Winter 2017/18

  • Fri, October 27
  • Fri, November 3
  • Fri, November 24
  • Fri, December 8
  • Fri, January 12
  • Fri, January 26

Summer 2017

  • Fri, May 5 - Thorsten Upmann - "Eigenvalue Productivity: Measurement of Individual Contributions in Teams"
  • Fri, May 12 - Antoine Mandel - 'Dynamic Competition on Social Networks'
  • Fri, May 19 - Tim Hellmann - "The Dynamics of Continuous Cultural Traits in Social Networks"
    Fri, June 2 - Marco Gross - "Macroprudential Analysis using an Agent-Based Macroeconomic Model of the Euro Area: AB-MEMEA"
  • Fri, June 9 - Wei Wei (Oxford) - "Weighted discounting – On group diversity, time-inconsistency, and consequences for investment"
  • Fri, June 23 - Maren Schmeck - "Optimal Reinsurance under Regime-Switching in a Brownian Risk Model"
  • Fri, July 7 - Philipp Külpmann - "Endogenous Network Formation in Networked Markets with Cournot Competition"
  • Fri, July 21 - Claus-Jochen Haake - "On the Decomposability of the Nash Bargaining Solution: an Application to Labor Markets"

Winter 2016/17

  • Fri, November 11 - Herbert Dawid - "Markov-Perfect Equilibria of Differential Games with Multiple Stable Steady States".
  • Fri, November 25 - Maren Schmeck - "Pricing Options on Forwards in Energy Markets: The Role of Mean Reversion's Speed"
  • Fri, December 9 - Anna Zaharieva - "Formal Search and Referrals from a Firm's Perspective"
  • Fri, January 13 - Frank Riedel - "Disambiguation of Ellsberg Equilibria"
  • Fri, February 3 - Neofytos Rodosthenous (Queen Mary University in London) - "Beating the Omega clock: Optimal strategies for nervous and impatient investors"

Summer 2016

  • Fri, May 13 - Ralph Ossa, University of Chicago
  • Fri, June 10 - Zainab Iftikar, EDEEM Student - "General Equilibrium Effects of Immigration in Germany: Search and Matching Approach"

Winter 2015/16

  • Fri, October 16
  • Fri, October 30
  • Fri, November 13
  • Fri, November 27 - Paul Omerod, University College London - "Rational Choice in the 21st Century"
  • Fri, December 11 - Dirk Bezemer, University of Groningen
  • Fri, January 8
  • Fri, January 22
  • Fri, February 5

Summer 2015

  • Fri, April 24- ./.
  • Fri, May 8 - Oliver Fabel
  • Fri, May 22 ./.
  • Fri, June 5 - Oktay Sürücü "The Impact of Time Pressure: Insights from a Queueing Experiment"
  • Fri, June 19 - Karsten Mau "US Policy Spillover (?) - China's Accession to the WTO and Rising Exports to the EU"
  • Fri, July 3 - Michel Keoula ''Duopolistic competition and Innovation with an endogenous hazard rate"
  • Fri, July 10 - Hale Utar “International Trade and Job Polarization: Evidence at the Worker-Level”

Winter 2014/15

  • Fri, October 24 - Volker Böhm "The El Farol Problem Revisited"
  • Fri, October 31 - Anna Zaharieva "On-the-Job Search and Optimal Schooling under Uncertainty and Irreversibility"
  • Fri, November 14 - Frank Riedel "Non-Implementability of Arrow-Debreu Equilibria under Knighting Uncertainty"
  • Fri, November 21 - Sander van der Hoog "Bubbles, Crashes and the Financial Cycle"
  • Fri, November 28 - Manuel Förster "Strategic communication in social networks"
  • Fri, December 12 - Georges Zaccour "Optional Contingent Products Pricing in Supply Chains"
  • Fri, January 9 - Frank Riedel "Other-Regarding Preferences in Markets"
  • Fri, January 16 - Hale Utar "Workers’ Adjustment to Trade Shock"
  • Fri, January 23 - Nick Huberts (Tilburg University) "Entry Deterrence by Timing rather than Overinvestment in a Strategic Real Options Framework"
  • Fri, February 13 - Sergey Popov (Queens University Management School) "Publication, Refereeing and Working Hard"

Summer 2014

Winter 2013/14

  • Fri, October 25 - Christoph Kuzmics "The distribution of quality-adjusted citations of economic research articles" (joint with Michael Günther and Frank Riedel)
  • Fri, November 8 - Volker Böhm "Rational Expectations and the Stability of Balanced Monetary Development in Macroeconomic Models"
  • Fri, November 22 - Fernando Vega-Redondo "tba"
  • Fri, December 13 - Christoph Kuzmics "Game-theoretic Measures of Inequality"
  • Fri, January 24 - Christoph Kuzmics "Coordination with independent private values: Why pedestrians sometimes bump into each other"
  • Fri, February 7 - Sebastian Krug "The Impact of Basel III on Financial (In)stability – An Agent-Based Credit Network Approach"

Summer 2013

  • Fri, April 12 - Anna Zaharieva "Double Matching: Social Contacts in a Labour Market with On-the-Job Search"
  • Fri, April 26 - Frank Riedel "Agenda 2015"
  • Fri, May 17 - Mathias Staudigl "On repeated games with imperfect public monitoring in continuous time" (joint with Jan-Henrik Steg)
  • Fri, May 31 - Florian Herold "Probabilty Weighting as Evolutionary Second-best" (joint with Nick Netzer)
  • Fri, June 14 - Herbert Dawid "Strategic Location Choice under Dynamic Oligopolistic Competition and Spillovers"
  • Fri, July 5 - Giorgio Ferrari "A Stochastic Reversible Investment Problem on a Finite-Time Horizon: Free-Boundary Analysis" (joint with Tiziano De Angelis)

Winter 2012/13

Summer 2012

  • Fri, April 13 - Prof. Christoph Kuzmics "On the impossibility of testing rational decision theories against each other''
  • Fri, April 27 - Prof. Bill Sandholm "Sampling Best Response Dynamics and Deterministic Equilibrium Selection''
  • Fri, May 11 - Dr. Anna Zaharieva "Social Welfare and Wage Inequality in Search Equilibrium  with Personal Contacts''
  • Fri, May 25 - J.-Prof. Tim Hellmann "The Evolution of R&D Networks''
  • Fri, July 6 - Dr. Oktay Surucu "The power of diversity over large solution spaces"

Winter 2011/12

  • Fri, October 21 - Prof. Christoph Kuzmics "The refined best reply correspondence and dynamics''
  • Fri, October 28 - J.-Prof. Tim Hellmann "Opinion Formation in Social Networks: The Effects of Strategic Interaction''
  • Fri, November 11 - Prof. Christoph Kuzmics "Probabilistic Transitivity in Sports''
  • Fri, November 25 - Prof. Herbert Dawid "Labor Flows, Technological Diffusion and Convergence of Regions ''
  • Fri, December 16 - Mathias Staudigl "Dynamic programming in Games''
  • Fri, January 13 - Prof. Gerald Willmann "The Customs Union issue:  Why do we observe so few of them?''
  • Fri, January 27 - Prof. Herbert Dawid "Optimal selection in dynamic models with relative-age effects''



Michael Günther

successfully defended his thesis on "Theory and Application of Renegotiation in Repeated Games". Congratulations!

Michael Günther will defend his thesis

BiGSEM Student, Michael Günther, will defend his thesis on Tuesday, September 19. It will take place at 5 pm in room V10-122.

BiGSEM happily welcomes two new BiGSEM members:

Ms. Fabienne Dascher 
Mr. Jasper Hepp

and three new doctoral students of the EXIDE program are starting their doctoral work at Bielefeld University:

Mr. Erdenebulgan Damdinsuren;
Ms. Mariam Nanumyan;
Ms. Roberta Terranova

We wish our new students a good start and much success with their academic program!

Sevak Alaverdyan has been invited to the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences

The Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings has selected Sevak Alaverdyan to participate in the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences to be held from 22 - 26 August 2017 in Lindau, Germany. Up to 20 Nobel Laureates and approximately 400 highly-talented young economists  from all over the world will participate in this meeting. Sevak Alaverdyan was selected among 1000 nominated students. Congratulations!

Benoit Decerf has a forthcoming publication in The Journal of Public Economics

The EDEEM graduate Benoit Decerf has a forthcoming publication in The Journal of Public Economics "Why not consider that being absolutely poor is worse than being only relatively poor?", which is a part of his PhD dissertation.

Gregor Böhl is awarded the "SCE 2017 Graduate Student Paper Contest"

The EDEEM student Gregor Böhl has been awarded the "Graduate Student Paper Contest 2017" of the Society for Computational Economics (SCE). The awards have been presented during the international conference "Computing in Economics and Finance" in New York City on Friday, June 30.

We are very happy to congratulate Gregor Böhl who is awarded the "Graduate Student Paper Contest 2017" for his paper "Monetary Policy and Speculative Stock Markets".

New Position at Goethe University Frankfurt

We are glad to announce that Gregor Böhl has landed a job as a post doc at the Goethe University in Frankfurt from 01.06.2017. We wish him all the best and success for his professional and private future.

New Doctoral Representative

The BiGSEM-students have hold their vote on the new doctoral representative. Erdenebulgan Damdinsuren got elected and is from now on acting as a conduit between the doctoral students and the program administration. Congratulations!


Ly Dai Hung

Ly Dai Hung successfully defended his thesis on "Productivity Growth and International Capital Flows in an integrated World".


Ly Dai Hung will defend his thesis

EDEEM student, Hung Ly Dai, will defend his Phd thesis on March 9. It will take place at 1 pm in V8-119.

Jochen Manegold

Jochen Manegold successfully defended his thesis on "Competition in Markets with Intermediaries".


Dissertation Prize Award

Every year about 260 doctoral students complete successfully their doctoral degree at Bielefeld University. According to the recommendations of the faculties, the "Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld" then nominates graduates with outstanding dissertations for its dissertation prize.

This year we are happy to congratulate Dr. Tobias Hellmann who is awarded the dissertation prize 2016 for his Thesis "Essays on the Foster-Hart Measure of Riskiness and Ambiguity in Real Options Games".

Congratulations Tobias!

Nikoleta van Welbergen

Nikoleta van Welbergen successfully defended her thesis on "Information Uncertainty in Auction Theory".


Lan Sun

Lan Sun successfully defended her thesis on "Essays on Two-Player Games with Asymmetric Information".


Job Opening: 15 doctoral fellowships

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network: Expectations and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics (ExSIDE)

ExSIDE is looking for 15 highly motivated doctoral fellows to engage in cutting edge interdisciplinary research combined with a structured curriculum of training activities. The agenda of ExSIDE is to improve our understanding of the role of expectation formation and social influence for economic dynamics and for the optimal design of economic policy. Doctoral fellows will engage in network-wide training activities and carry out research work at two (or three) out of eight European partner universities. Selected candidates will enter a 36 month work contract with the recruiting university of their project.

For more information about ExSIDE and the application procedure see


Deadline for Application: January 15, 2017

New ZiF Research Group

Anna Zaharieva together with two colleagues Ursula Mense-Petermann (Faculty of Sociology) and Thomas Welskopp (Faculty of History) successfully applied for an interdisciplinary ZiF Research Group “In Search of the Global Labour Market”. During the ZiF residence period between October 2017 and July 2018 more than 25 research fellows from leading German and foreign Universities will visit Bielefeld in order to join their effort in analyzing labour market globalization tendencies, internationalization patterns and worker mobility flows across the globe.
More information will be frequently updated over here

Defense: Lan Sun and Nikoleta van Welbergen

BiGSEM students Lan Sun and Nikoleta van Welbergen will defend their theses on December 2.

Lan Sun: 10 am in V10-122
Nikoleta van Welbergen: 2 pm in U3-140

New BiGSEM Visiting Student

Francesca Grassetti from University of Macerata (IT) is taking part in BiGSEM as a visiting student in the time from 01/11/2016 to 31/01/2017. Her research interests are mainly on nonlinear dynamics applied to economic growth theory.



Philipp Külpmann

Philipp Külpmann successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on Teamwork".


Philipp Külpmann will defend his thesis.

BiGSEM student Philipp Külpmann will defend his Phd thesis on October 17th. It will take place at 11 am in V10-122.

New BiGSEM members

BiGSEM happily welcomes seven new BiGSEM members:

Mr Erdenebulgan Damdinsuren
Mr Simon Hoof
Ms Kerstin Hötte
Mr Victor Zapata Garcia

Three of them are starting their doctoral work in the EDEEM program at Bielefeld University:

Mr Alessandro Basurto
Mr Zhaojun Xing

Furthermore, two second year EDEEM doctoral students:

Ms. Madhuri Agrarwal
Mr Quentin Couanau
Mr. Ilya Eryzhenskly

are now doing their research in BiGSEM during for the academic year 2016/17

We wish our new students a good start and much success with their academic program!