Doctorate awarded in 2013

Dr. Sarah Brockhoff






Title of Dissertation: Essays in Public Economic Theory
Placement: BankingHub by Zeb, Managerin im Bereich Strategy and Organization

Dr. Dennis Heitmann






Title of Dissertation: Bounded Rationality in Duopoly Games
Placement: Generali Versicherungen

Dr. Mohammad Ali Kashefi  






Title of Dissertation: Three Essays on Strategic Aspects in Oligopoly with Vertical Structure

Dr. Linda Sass






Title of Dissertation: Strategic Ambiguity - Games with ambiguity avers players
Placement: Senior Anlyst, Deutsche Bank Risc Center GmbH




BiGSEM Workshop

The 13th BiGSEM Doctoral Workshop on Economic Theory took place at Bielefeld University earlier this week. The annual event is entirely organized by doctoral students for doctoral students. Out of a pool of applications, sixteen speakers where invited to talk about their research in various fields of theoretical economics. All of these talks took place in the plenary hall of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research amidst the green of the Teutoburg Forest. Afterwards, everybody returned home with new ideas and concepts. Pictures

Serhat Gezer

Serhat Gezer successfully defended his thesis on "Dynamic and Strategic Analysis of Innovations"



BiGSEM student Serhat Gezer will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in U3-140 at 2 pm on Friday November 23.

New visiting PhD student

Elena Iakimova from University of Calabria (IT) is taking part in BiGSEM as a visiting student in the time from 01/10/2018 to 28/02/2019. Her research interests are mainly focused on energy resources.


BiGSEM happily welcomes ExSIDE students

BiGSEM happily welcomes three second year ExSIDE doctoral students who are now doing their research in BiGSEM during the academic year 2018/19:

Ms. Fen Li
Mr. Thanh Son Pham
Mr. Severin Reissl

We wish our new students a good start and much success with their academic program!