Colloquium Summer Term 2016

Summer 2016


Date Speaker Title
12.04.2016 Sevak Alaverdyan

''Why do migrant workers rely more often on referrals?''

19.04.2016 Stefan Berens

"Impartial Observer under Uncertainty"

26.04.2016 Philip Bergmann / Philipp Külpmann

Philip Bergmann:

Oil Prices, Energy Shares, and Macroeconomic Responses: An Empirical Investigation

Philipp Külpmann:

Can higher-order beliefs about cognitive abilities lead to coordination failure?

03.05.2016 Michael Günther

R&D cluster formation under vertical product differentiation

10.05.2016 Mathieu Boullot

"Secular stagnation, liquidity trap and rational asset price bubbles"

17.05.2016 Lasha Chochua

"Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks - Is Free Trade System a Stable Outcome?!"

24.05.2016 Herman Demeze

The Welfare Economics of Tactical Voting in Democracies: A Partial Identification Equilibrium Analysis

07.06.2016 Serhat Gezer

Delaying Product Innovation in a Duopoly: A Strategic Dynamic Analysis

21.06.2016 Felix Hagemann


28.06.2016 Oliver Claas

Wage Differentiation and Efficient Bargaining in a Macroeconomic Model

05.07.2016 Nadja Maraun / Ashenafi Thesome Guta

"Matching Strategies of Heterogeneous Agents in a University Clearinghouse" /

"Job polarization and the growing wage inequality in developing countries"

12.07.2016 Elena Orlova / Felix Hagemann

"Evolution of Social Preferences and Cognitive Intelligence"

"Supply Chain Network Formation in the era of smart products"

19.07.2016 Marieke Pahlke / Torben Koch

Trading Volume, Public Announcements and Heterogeneous Risk Aversion  /

Utility Maximization with discretionary stopping under multiple priors






BiGSEM student Kerstin Hötte will defend her doctoral thesis. It will take place on Wednesday April 15, 2020 at 12:00 pm.


Torben Koch successfully defended his thesis on "On some Stochastic Control Problems arising in Environmental Economics and Commodity Markets".


'Research Seminar Management' Talk

On January 28, there will be a 'Research Seminar Management' talk in U3-140 starting from 3:00 p.m. The speaker will be Prof. Shashi Matta (https://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/wiwi/entry/vortrag_von_prof_shashi_matta)

Victor Zapata Garcia

Victor Garcia Zapata successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on Labour Economics and International Trade".



BiGSEM student Victor Zapata Garcia will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in U3-140 at 1:00 pm on Monday January 13.