Winter Term 2019-2020

22.10.2019     Kerstin Hötte  

"Pathways of transition and the characteristics of competing technologies"

05.11.2019     Simon Hoof   

"On a class of differential games with agreeable bargaining solutions"

12.11.2019     Gerrit Bauch   

"Issues in recent decision theoretic papers"

26.11.2019     Zhaojun Xing  

"A scalarization for incomplete preferences and its applications"

03.12.2019     Erdenebulgan Damdinsuren   

"On the Optimal Composition of Heterogeneous Firms in the Labour Market with On-the-Job Search"

10.12.2019     Mariam Nanumyan  

"Union formation in network spill-over games"

21.01.2020     Jasper Hepp / Elise Kremer

"Market Concentration and Inequality -- A Technological Paradigm Shift in
the EURACE@Unibi Model"

"Contingent convertible bonds and macroeconomic stability in a stock-flow consistent agent-based model"

28.01.2020     Alessandro Basurto

"Asset Price Dynamics under Expectations Diffusion: the Effect of Social Influence, Homophily and Stubborn Agents"



BiGSEM student Kerstin Hötte will defend her doctoral thesis. It will take place on Wednesday April 15, 2020 at 12:00 pm.


Torben Koch successfully defended his thesis on "On some Stochastic Control Problems arising in Environmental Economics and Commodity Markets".


'Research Seminar Management' Talk

On January 28, there will be a 'Research Seminar Management' talk in U3-140 starting from 3:00 p.m. The speaker will be Prof. Shashi Matta (https://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/wiwi/entry/vortrag_von_prof_shashi_matta)

Victor Zapata Garcia

Victor Garcia Zapata successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on Labour Economics and International Trade".



BiGSEM student Victor Zapata Garcia will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in U3-140 at 1:00 pm on Monday January 13.