During the three years of studies, BiGSEM students in the economics profile have to obtain 40 ECTS in the field of Electives, while students in the management profile have to obtain 50 ECTS within this field. Possibilities of obtaining credits are given below:

Soft Skills Seminar (1 ECTS)

Training Activity I

  • BiGSEM Field Course (4 ECTS)
  • BiGSEM Reading Course with presentation (4 ECTS)

Training Activity II

  • BiGSEM Mini Course (2 ECTS)
  • BiGSEM Reading Course (2 ECTS)
  • Language Course ( 2ECTS)
  • Participation BiGSEM Workshop (2 ECTS)
  • Participation in the Summer School (2 ECTS)
  • Participation at an international/national scientific conference (2 ECTS)

Research Activity I

  • Presentation at an international scientific conference (8 ECTS)
  • Accepted paper in a scientific journal (up to 8 ECTS)
  • Research stay at a university other than the supervising universities (8 ECTS)
  • Research internship: (8 ECTS)

Research Activity II

  • Poster presentation at a conference (4 ECTS)
  • Presentation of a paper at a research seminar outside (4 ECTS)
  • Participation + Presentation BiGSEM Workshop (4 ECTS)


Stefan Berens

Stefan Berens successfully defended his thesis on "Exploring Modifications to the Perception of Economic Agents: Impartial, Farsighted, and Optimistic Perspectives".


Martin Lunge

Martin Lunge successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on the Reorganization of Firms and on the Interplay of Hesitant Agents".



BiGSEM student Stefan Berens will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in U3-140 at 10:00 am on Wednesday December 11.


BiGSEM student Martin Lunge will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in V10-122 at 4:15 pm on Thursday November 28.

Ashenafi Teshome Guta

Ashenafi Teshome Guta successfully defended his thesis on "Essays in Globalization, Technology, and the Labor Market".



BiGSEM student Ashenafi Teshome Guta will defend his doctoral thesis. It will take place in V10-122 at 2:30 pm on Wednesday October 16.

BiGSEM happily welcomes new BiGSEM students:

Ms. Birgül Akar,
Mr. Gerrit Bauch,
Ms. Larissa Pethig,
Ms. Melina Schleef,

and one of the new BiGSEM students is starting his doctoral work in the EDEEM program at Bielefeld University:

Mr. Alexandre Carrier;

We wish our new students a good start and much success with their academic program!

BiGSEM Workshop Deadline

The submission deadline for the 14th BiGSEM doctoral workshop has been extended to Sep. 15. For submission, please fill out the online form and upload your paper or extended abstracthttps://forms.gle/y5fXq3xNrTNHf8KE7

DFH Funding

Congratulations! Zhaojun Xing successfully applied for funding for his "Cotutelle de thèse" from the DFH.

Philip Bergmann

Philip Bergmann successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on Energy in Macroeconomic Models".