Support and Facilities


Bielefeld University is known for having one of the best libraries in Germany. More than two million volumes and six thousand national and international periodicals are available to students and faculty. The library's long opening hours, the open stack arrangement, and the user-friendly computerized cataloguing and lending system allow for a convenient usage of its resources. Participation in an online interlibrary loan service operated by a number of German universities makes books and scientific journals not shelved in Bielefeld available.

More literature can be found at the database of the ZBW - Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften.

Computing Center

The central computing center (HRZ) is responsible for the development and supervision of Bielefeld University's IT infrastructure. An up-to-date computer network connects students and faculty with the world. Several computer labs and an internet cafe offer email services and web access. Graduate students at BiGSEM may use the school's own excellent computer equipment. Both the computing center and BiGSEM operate modern monochrome and color laser printers.


In Bielefeld, a large number of rooms and small apartments is available to students in various public and private residence halls. Numerous landlords offer additional living space in the vicinity of the university building. The graduate school has detailed information about the current housing situation in Bielefeld and assists new students to find appropriate and inexpensive accommodation.

International Students

Bielefeld University's International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) provides various services to international students. For example, it takes care of the formal admission of BiGSEM's students to Bielefeld University and other important legal issues. In cooperation with other university institutions, the International Office offers to international students the so-called Brother-Sister-Program. Interested students are assigned a personal mentor, a German student familiar with Bielefeld University and the various administrative necessities. The aim of this and other activities is to facilitate the integration. More information can also be found on the facebook profile of the International Office The administration office of BiGSEM offers assistance to all graduates and organizes German language courses in cooperation with PunktUm German.


Consulting services and German language courses for international graduate students fall into the area of activity of PunktUm, a project initiated by Bielefeld University some years ago. PunktUm's staff assists students to solve problems arising from cultural differences and helps them to get acquainted with German academic standards. BiGSEM's international students usually participate in one of PunktUm's German language courses.

Studentenwerk Bielefeld

The Studentenwerk Bielefeld provides numerous services to national and international students. It runs several residence halls, which offer inexpensive accommodation close to Bielefeld University. Its student restaurants and cafeterias located within the university building sell inexpensive meals and drinks.


 Students Guide

 Information in French


 Useful information about the Sorbonne for doctoral students from Bielefeld


IMW Summer School

The IMW (Center for Mathematical Economics Bielefeld University) organizes a Summer School on "Equilibria in Financial Markets: General Equilibrium and Game Theoretic Perspective" to be held at Bielefeld University in the week July 08 - July 12, 2019. For more information please visit http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/(en)/imw/summerschool19/

Bielefeld-Amsterdam Fellowship

A special funding opportunity for a project with mobility Bielefeld-Amsterdam is available in 2019
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Lasha Chochua

Lasha Chochua successfully defended his thesis on "Essays in International Trade Policy and Social Choice under Ambiguity"


BiGSEM Workshop

The 13th BiGSEM Doctoral Workshop on Economic Theory took place at Bielefeld University earlier this week. The annual event is entirely organized by doctoral students for doctoral students. Out of a pool of applications, sixteen speakers where invited to talk about their research in various fields of theoretical economics. All of these talks took place in the plenary hall of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research amidst the green of the Teutoburg Forest. Afterwards, everybody returned home with new ideas and concepts. Pictures