City of Bielefeld

The City of Bielefeld is located in the heart of Germany, in the northeast of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. With more than 325,000 inhabitants and an area of almost 260 square kilometers, Bielefeld is the economic and cultural center of the region of Eastern Westphalia and Lippe, and one of the twenty major cities in Germany. In the past Bielefeld was known for its linen trade, and later in the 19th century it became famous for its flourishing textile and engineering industries, as well as for its printing works. Today, various internationally known companies, such as Dr. Oetker and Bertelsmann, operate their businesses from headquarters in the metropolitan area of Bielefeld.

City Center

Bielefeld's city center, with its many diverse retailers, offers ideal shopping opportunities for young and old. In the historic district with its old market square and several old churches, cafés and ice cream parlors invite visitors and residents to take a rest, relax, or meet friends. Various restaurants, bistros, pubs, and beer gardens serve both local and international cuisine to their customers.


The hills of the Teutoburg Forest stretch across Bielefeld from the southeast to the northwest, offering ample opportunities for walking and hiking. A popular destination is the medieval Sparrenburg Castle, Bielefeld's most illustrious landmark, which overlooks most of the city. Generously laid out greenbelts and public parks in addition to the Obersee, an artificial lake covering some 18 hectares in the north of the city's center, and the beautiful countryside surrounding Bielefeld characterize the city and its environs.

Cultural Events

The renowned city theater stages a variety of dramas, operas, ballets, and musicals every year. Frequently, the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, a famous concert hall with excellent acoustics, hosts performances not only of the city's symphony orchestra but also of other nationally and internationally known classical music ensembles. Famous artists such as Robbie Williams or John Bon Jovi perform on a regular basis in the city's convention hall (Stadthalle Bielefeld), Seidensticker Halle, or one of the numerous dance clubs. Movie-goers can choose among several movie theaters, showing a variety of award-winning and new national and international productions.


International sporting events take place in the Seidensticker Halle or the Gerry Weber Stadion, the stadium for the international pre-Wimbledon men's tennis tournament, in nearby Halle. The German Soccer League team DSC Arminia Bielefeld plays its home games in its stadium "Schüco Arena", previously known as "Alm". Public or private up-to-date facilities for a wide variety of recreational activities and sports are available in Bielefeld or its immediate vicinity for anybody interested.


Various museums open their doors to visitors. The well-known art gallery Kunsthalle, located in the city center, shows contemporary art. Over the last few years, several temporary exhibitions of works by such famous painters as Picasso or Caspar David Friedrich have received international recognition.
The historical museum of the city focuses on the substantial influence of the industrial age on the development of Bielefeld and its surrounding towns and villages. The permanent collection of the museum and occasional temporary exhibitions are displayed in the restored buildings of the former Ravensberg Spinning Mill (Ravensberger Spinnerei). Other popular museums are the Bauernhaus Museum (Farmhouse Museum), the Huelsmann Museum and the Museum Waldhof.
An overview of museums in Bielefeld has been published on the city's homepage.


Bielefeld ...

Bielefeld is the major city in the region of Eastern Westphalia and Lippe. Due to its central location it is easily accessible from all parts of Germany by both car and train.

... by plane

The next major airports are Cologne/Bonn (CGN), Düsseldorf (DUS), and Hanover (HAJ). The closest regional airports are Münster/Osnabrück (FMO) and Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD). From all airports public transportation to Bielefeld is available.

... by train

Bielefeld is located on the route for ICE high-speed trains between Berlin and Cologne/Bonn and Berlin and Düsseldorf. A high-speed train from Düsseldorf needs less than two hours. Berlin is about two and a half hours away. By train Bielefeld is at most seven hours away from almost any place in Germany. Further information and timetables are available online from Deutsche Bahn.

... by car

The Autobahn A2 connects Bielefeld with the German freeway system. Take the exit "Bielefeld-Zentrum" between Dortmund and Hanover and follow the street signs towards the city center ("Zentrum").

Bielefeld University

Bielefeld University is located on the outskirts of Bielefeld on the foothills of the Teutoburg Forest. Individuals traveling by car should follow the street signs posted in the city center. A convenient way to reach Bielefeld University is offered by the extensive public transportation network of Mobiel. From the city center the "Stadtbahnlinie 4" (tram line No. 4) leaves for Bielefeld University every ten minutes during business hours. Timetables and further information about the public transportation network are available online from MoBiel.

Campus Map


The offices of the Bielefeld Graduate School of Economics and Management are located in Section V and W of the main building of Bielefeld University. The administration office with room number W8-102 is located in Section W, 8th floor, room 102.

Map of the Mainbuilding



Zainab Iftikhar

successfully defended her thesis on "Essays on the Effect of Migration and Demographic Factors on Labor Markets and Human Capital Accumulation". Congratulations!

Continuous-Time Dynamic Programming, HJB equations, Viscosity Solutions and their use in Economics and Finance

Fausto Gozzi from Università LUISS in Rom is going to hold a Mini Course  from May 2 to May 8. For further information please click here.

Kerstin Hötte

Congratulations! Kerstin Hötte successfully applied for funding for her "Cotutelle de thèse" from the DFH.

Zainab Iftikhar will defend her thesis.

EDEEM student, Zainab Iftikhar, will defend her doctoral thesis. It will take place on Wednesday April 25 at 2 pm at Université Catholique de Louvain.

Social Networks, Referrals and Neighborhood Effects in Frictional Labour Markets

Anna Zaharieva (Bielefeld University), Michael Neugart (Univeristy of Darmstadt) and Michele Battisti (CESifo, Munich) are organising a workshop "Social Networks, Referrals and Neighborhood Effects in Frictional Labour Markets" on the 16th of April at the ZIF.

Successful ExSIDE Second Network-Wide Training Event

in March at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris. Our doctoral studens participate at these training event R. Terranova, M. Nanumyan, E. Damdinsuren, S. Reissl, F. Li, T.S. Pham ...

Phemelo Tamasiga

successfully defended his thesis on "Essays in International Trade, Multinational Firm Production and Economic Growth". Congratulations!

BiGSEM Workshop

The 12th BiGSEM Doctoral Workshop on Economic Theory took place at Bielefeld University earlier this week. The annual event is entirely organized by doctoral students for doctoral students. Out of a pool of applications, fourteen speakers where invited to talk about their research in various fields of theoretical economics. All of these talks took place in the plenary hall of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research amidst the green of the Teutoburg Forest. Afterwards, everybody returned home with new ideas and concepts.Pictures

Philipp Möhlmeier

successfully defended his thesis on "The Role of Externalities in Social and Economic Networks".


Simon Schopohl

successfully defended his thesis on "Essays in Communication and Information Transmission".


Gregor Böhl

successfully defended his thesis on "Macrofinance Dynamics, Heterogeneity, and Policy Design".


Oliver Claas

successfully defended his thesis on "Essays on Wage Bargaining in Dynamic Macroeconomics".


Michael Günther

successfully defended his thesis on "Theory and Application of Renegotiation in Repeated Games". Congratulations!

Michael Günther will defend his thesis

BiGSEM Student, Michael Günther, will defend his thesis on Tuesday, September 19. It will take place at 5 pm in room V10-122.

BiGSEM happily welcomes two new BiGSEM members:

Ms. Fabienne Dascher 
Mr. Jasper Hepp

and three new doctoral students of the ExSIDE program are starting their doctoral work at Bielefeld University:

Mr. Erdenebulgan Damdinsuren;
Ms. Mariam Nanumyan;
Ms. Roberta Terranova

We wish our new students a good start and much success with their academic program!

Sevak Alaverdyan has been invited to the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences

The Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings has selected Sevak Alaverdyan to participate in the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences to be held from 22 - 26 August 2017 in Lindau, Germany. Up to 20 Nobel Laureates and approximately 400 highly-talented young economists  from all over the world will participate in this meeting. Sevak Alaverdyan was selected among 1000 nominated students. Congratulations!

Benoit Decerf has a forthcoming publication in The Journal of Public Economics

The EDEEM graduate Benoit Decerf has a forthcoming publication in The Journal of Public Economics "Why not consider that being absolutely poor is worse than being only relatively poor?", which is a part of his PhD dissertation.

Gregor Böhl is awarded the "SCE 2017 Graduate Student Paper Contest"

The EDEEM student Gregor Böhl has been awarded the "Graduate Student Paper Contest 2017" of the Society for Computational Economics (SCE). The awards have been presented during the international conference "Computing in Economics and Finance" in New York City on Friday, June 30.

We are very happy to congratulate Gregor Böhl who is awarded the "Graduate Student Paper Contest 2017" for his paper "Monetary Policy and Speculative Stock Markets".

New Position at Goethe University Frankfurt

We are glad to announce that Gregor Böhl has landed a job as a post doc at the Goethe University in Frankfurt from 01.06.2017. We wish him all the best and success for his professional and private future.